Discount Electrical has been maintaining its standard in providing quality electrical goods for quite some time. The goods that brought us immense customer support, satisfaction and love included: Eurotag display fridges, microwave ovens, freezers, refrigerators, dish washers, oven tops and what not! And our commitment to providing the best Eurotag electrical and electronic goods has remained top notch. Eurotag, which is one of Australia’s leading brands when it comes to household appliances, carries out its main motive to provide home and commercial appliances at the cheapest rates possible which would be affordable by all. The Eurotag products we deal with also include (but are not limited to) different types of Eurotag refrigerators and freezers. If you are looking for the perfect Eurotag display fridge for your home or commercial use then you need not look any further, as you have stopped by the right place!

Purchases can be made online through both our site and also through our ebay store. Let us now go through some of the best Eurotag display fridges provided under our roof.

Eurotag Display Fridges available at Discount Electrical

Eurotag 1000LT Double Door Display Fridge

This brand new Eurotag commercial display fridge comes with a warranty of one year. Its model number is EU-1400, its capacity is around 1400 liters with a rated power input of 1900 watts. Its gross weight is 182 kg, accompanied by a double glazing door, temperature control, key lock and an auto return door, which can enable it to effectively prevent the loss of cool air. Perfectly suitable for use by businesses and other commercial usage.

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Eurotag 1100LT Three Door Commercial Drink Display Fridge

This Eurotag display fridge is also brand new with the same warranty of one year. Its model number is EU-110 with a capacity of around 1100 litres and a rated power input of 330 watts. Glazing doors on all three sections complete the deal with a gross weight of 185 kg and a digital temperature control. Perfect for use by commercial businesses.

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320LT Three Door Eurotag Display Fridge

This 320LT three door Eurotag display fridge with under bench back bar has a model number EU-320. Its capacity is 320 liters and rated power input is 285 watts. Its gross weight is 90 kg.

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360LT Single Door Eurotag Display Fridge

This Eurotag display fridge has model number EU-360SD, rated power input 1900 watts and a gross weight 80 kgs. Total capacity is of 360 litres.

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450LT Commercial Upright Display Fridge

This Eurotag display fridge has an input power rating of 285 watt and has a model number EU-430, and a gross weight of 78 kg.

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468LT Led Light Commercial Upright Display Freezer

This Eurotag display fridge has model number EU-490FR, rated power input of 4.6A, and available in colors white and grey.

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All of the above mentioned Eurotag display fridges are perfectly suitable for use by both large and small businesses.


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