Eurotag Commercial Fridges

Have you started your own business, and are in dire need of good refrigerating? Are you afraid that all your cakes, pastries, pies, chocolates, and other delicacies will get wasted away cuz you are not able to find a good quality commercial fridge? Then is all that was missing in your plans! Find top quality and brand new Eurotag commercial fridges at ridiculously discounted prices!

Eurotag is a leading company based in Australia which specializes particularly on goods related to all things electrical. Whether they be microwave ovens, freezers, refrigerators, dishwashers and all those goodies which make your house hold chores a little less tedious! Here we’ll have a look at some of the commercial fridges offered by Eurotag.

Details related to purchase and other specifications can be found on both our site and also through our ebay store.

Eurotag Commercial Fridges

Following are Eurotag Commercial Fridges currently available at our store. Please be advised that these product are subjected to stock. If shop is out of stock or the product is discontinued please done panic, since there will be a similar product or a newer model to fulfill your needs with the latest technology.

1)    1000 LT Double Door Eurotag Commercial Fridge

Internal light with separate switch, double glazing door, temperature control, key lock and a capacity of 1000 liters, these are just a few of the qualities possessed by this refrigerator. You can view other details at:

  • 608LT 2 Door Drink Display Eurotag Commercial Fridge

This Eurotag commercial refrigerator has a rated power input of 4.8kW.h/24H. The model number is EU 608. The relatively less power input makes it highly economical for use by small businesses. Its net weight is 110 kg. Other details can be found at:

3)    450LT Upright Display Eurotag Commercial Fridge

Its model number is EU 430, net weight is 78 kgs and rated power input is of only 2.4KW. h/24h. Its less weight is ideal for shops and businesses involving closed spaces. For more details, you can visit our website link:

4)    1350 LT Four Door Upright Eurotag Commercial Fridge

With model number EU-1350 and input power of 418watts, this Eurotag commercial fridge is a must have for large businesses. Read more at

  • 380 Litres Display Eurotag Commercial Fridge

This commercial display Eurotag fridge has a capacity of 380 liters and has only one door. Its model number is EU-380. Power input is of 206 watts. Its energy consumption is 1.8 kWh which makes it efficient in terms of energy. This fridge is completely suitable for commercial use. You can look at all the details of this product by visiting the following link:


  • 1150 Liters Display Eurotag Commercial Fridge

This Eurotag commercial fridge is a three door display fridge with LED lighting. Its model number is EU-1150. It operates on an input power of 555 watts and consumes 8.7 kWh of energy. Its net weight is 157 kg. All of these features make it ideal for commercial usage. You can view purchasing details and other info from the following link:


  • 1100 Liters Free Standing Eurotag Commercial Fridge

This Eurotag fridge which has a model number of EU-1100 has three doors and its capacity is of 1100 liters making it ideal for use commercially. Its power input is 330 watts. Net weight is 173 kg. For other details visit:

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